About John Matheson!

John Matheson is Malden born, raised and educated. First in his family to go to college, he graduated UMass with honors. John worked his way through college and financed his own education. He earned his law degree from Rutgers, with dean's list and alumni scholarship distinctions. He then passed the bar on his first attempt, and practiced trial law in Old City Hall with some of Boston's best litigators.

While working full time as a trial attorney, Matheson attended Suffolk University at night, earning a Master's Degree in Business Administration. He used this business education to start his own law practice with offices in Faneuil Hall and Malden Square. Notably, Matheson twice achieved settlements and verdicts that ranked among the top in Massachusetts; extraordinary, if not unprecedented, for a young solo attorney. John has obtained millions in settlements and verdicts for his clients, and now his practice has evolved into helping them protect their assets with trusts and estate planning.

John's success has allowed him to devote more time to public service and charity. He ran for city council with years of determination until winning on his third attempt. He also joined the charitable Shriners, Masons and Rotary Club, as well as serving as Board President of the Bread of Life. It was there, 10 years ago, that John met his fiancé Ingrid while serving Thanksgiving meals to the homeless at Malden High School.

Although John will turn 45 at Election time, he learned his values from the Greatest Generation. His father Bucky, 1924-2002, was a WW2 veteran who served in Normandy. John's mother Ann, is strong woman, and lifelong Maldonian, who continues to live independently at age 77. John enjoyed studying history and government from an early age, and his belief system was formed around the American ideals of equal opportunity for all, and government for The People. This is evident in his record of public service, which includes ballot questions, opinion polls and surveys.

John Matheson working the icecream truck

As a Malden City Councilor, the community's vision has inspired John to introduce a record number of initiatives, such as Tree City USA with public hearings and an annual Arbor Day, a citizen led historic preservation committee, and a citizen led local disability commission, all of which qualify Malden for external grant funding.

Through tenacity and the ability to work well with all levels of government, John's time as Ward 3 Councilor also saw many improvements for Fellsmere Pond, and $1 million of major safety improvements to Malden's most dangerous intersection, Fellsway/Highland, while capturing 75% state funding for the fix. Notably, that intersection is among the most dangerous in the state, and the cause of injury, death, property damage and rising insurance rates for Malden residents for decades. This success belongs to all of us, especially the hundreds of residents who showed up to demand change. More recently, John began the discussion of signal timing and traffic reduction, and also started holding joint committee meetings between the Malden and Medford City Councils to solve the 20-year-old Malden Hospital issue in line with the community's vision.

On a more personal level, John is an avid skier, and enjoys sports and traveling. John is also a people person. He lives his life by one simple rule, work hard and be good to people, and success will follow. Every success he has, he credits his parents, and aims to share with others. However, as a political outsider, John has been fiercely challenged in more local elections than any other office holder in Malden. These elections divide neighbor against neighbor, often for the wrong reasons, because that is what the political establishment does to win. John knows this is part of the political process, but also hopes to gain a personal relationship with anyone who questions his heart. John wants to bring people together because that is the Malden he grew up in, and because really great things can happen when people put their differences aside and work together.

John offers his number to anyone who wants to call: 781-367-8958