Business Development, Not Apartments

John believes that smart planning is essential to keeping Malden a vibrant community. Excessive apartment development has resulted in congested streets and schools, and a strain on public resources. As Mayor, John will elevate the role of city planning to understand the impact of any proposed development on all Maldonians; not just the benefits to developers.

John also believes in visible and open planning where Malden residents have a voice in the direction in their own community. Unfortunately, the current Mayor has a record of providing sweet-heart deals to apartment developers, neglecting the impact of increased density on public services, and ignoring resident concerns about traffic and density. This includes the Mayor’s intractable support for the dense development of the Malden Hospital site, tying up the Boston Gas site seven years for the benefit of a developer that never performed, and an unnecessary $2,000,000 rebate to the developer of the Masonic Building.

It’s time for a Mayor who can deliver the change Malden residents have been asking for.