City Councilor John Matheson to Join Mayor Race in Malden

City Councilor John Matheson to Join Mayor Race in Malden

John Matheson, four term Ward 3 Councilor, has formed a committee for Mayor of Malden. In a statement this week, Matheson explained:

Malden is a great place that I am proud to call home. I have heard from a number of supporters, notable Maldonians, and others encouraging me to run. This outpouring of support has caused me to reflect, and come to the conclusion that the time might be right to serve the unanswered needs of all our People. I was born, raised and educated in Malden, and I cannot think of a better way to serve my community.

As the current Ward 3 City Councilor and local attorney, Matheson holds a strong base in the largest voting Ward in the City. Matheson also has a citywide presence through his previous service as Councilor At-Large, his race for State Representative, and his tenure as President of the Malden City Council. Matheson has also been active in many charitable groups such as Bread of Life, Malden Rotary Club, Malden Masons and The Shriners. Matheson is a formidable candidate that would give the City only its second Mayor race in 24 years.

The Matheson Committee had this to add: “Despite the many growth opportunities of a strong economy, this administration has primarily focused on the expansion of apartment buildings. As much we love Malden, there is no doubt that our city can do much better. In keeping with this, we offer a supremely qualified candidate with the education, experience and command of the issues to move Malden in a better direction FOR The People.”

Over the past 8 years Malden residents paid more and got less. Taxes, fees and fines are at record highs, and in some cases very unfair. Street sweeping fines were doubled and aggressively enforced where no signs exist to inform well-intentioned residents when parking is prohibited.

This practice is deceptive, unfair and unlawful in other communities. Though our City Council unanimously opposed this practice, their call was simply ignored by the Mayor for years while residents were taken advantage of.

Unlike our residents, apartment developers got more and paid less. Through the Mayor’s efforts, one developer was the lucky recipient of a $2 million tax gift, while another was given exclusive site control over Malden Hospital and told to model it after a 550-unit apartment complex. Most egregiously, the Mayor remained loyal to this developer for years after the project was rejected by our own residents. The Mayor even suggested withholding funds to fix the deadly intersection of Highland/Fellsway unless the dense development was allowed. Without question, the Malden Hospital gridlock would have already been solved if our Mayor had advocated for our residents instead of secretly negotiating to overbuild the site with his preferred developer.

This focus on apartment development continues today with no appreciation for its social costs. Apartment density impacts traffic, schools, roads, parking, and public safety, while also reducing state Chapter 70 money that our schools rely on. Despite these factors, and the opposition of our residents, as recently as October of 2018, our Mayor audaciously signed a pledge with other metro mayors committing to build another 185,000 apartments in our region. He made this pact despite the knowledge that the vast majority of residents he is supposed to serve asked to limit apartments and population growth.

You deserve better. The City of Malden deserves better. Matheson’s campaign aims to prioritize our residents, and end the sweetheart deals for developers. He will bring new revenue into Malden, and break the practice of squeezing it from our population. Maldonians have spoken loud and clear, and Matheson is determined to deliver the change they want to see. You have an opportunity elect a Mayor that is FOR The People. This race is a major commitment, so we need your support to take it on. Join our movement and help us, so we can nominate John Matheson for Mayor.

Let’s Bring The Mayor's Seat Back To The People. Thank you!